Welding Symbols Poster

Welding Symbols Toolbox Poster

This Welding Symbols poster has been our most popular download!

It is a must have for every work shop. Whether your novice welder or a pro, there couldn’t be a more convenient poster than this! Welding Symbols Poster FREE download.

This Welding Symbols Poster has over forty of the most common welding symbols as well common characteristics of welding electrodes. For Example:

6010– High penetration, high spatter, all postions, all types of steel, and almost any conditions and use DC current.

6011 – Same as 6010, all positions with AC and DC current.

6013 – Same characteristics as 6010 but can be used with AC or DC current; it has less penetration and delivers a better looking weld. Use on light sheet metal up to 3/16″.

7018  Low-hydration, low penetration, on all positions, with AC or DC current. Use the highest amp setting as practical.

7024 – High deposition welding rods for flat and horizontal positions. It’s “easy” to use because its thick flux automatically maintains the correct arc length, which allows you to “drag” the rod.

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