2017 PPE Category Level Chart

This NEW NFPA 70E 2017 Electrical Safety PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Category Chart is a must have for all maintenance workers, especially electricians or employees who are qualified to do electrical work.

This PPE category chart informs the worker of what category PPE he or she needs to apply when working on or around electrical panels and equipment. It is required by OSHA and the NFPA that employees not only have access to Personal Protective Equipment but also have the necessary information needed to inform them of what PPE to apply in order to safely perform particular tasks.

For Example:

In order to achieve Hazard Risk PPE Category 1 a qualified worker must reach a minimum arc rating of 4 cal/cm2. The material must be Non-melting untreated natural fiber such as: wool, untreated cotton, rayon, or silk, or blends of these materials. Absolutely nothing made of polyester or nylon.  The Hazard Risk Category 1 PPE requirements include:

  • Cotton undergarments
  • Arc Rated Long sleeved T-shirt
  • Arc Rated Long pants or Arc Rated Coverall
  • Arc Rated jacket, parka, or rainwear
  • Hard hat with Arc Rated face shield with sock balaclava
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • Hearing protection (inserts)
  • Heavy Duty leather gloves or insulating gloves with protectors
  • Leather work shoes

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