OSHA Compliant Arc Flash Warning Label

OSHA Compliant Arc Flash Warning Label Poster

This Popular Download has been instrumental in helping companies meet OSHA and NFPA 70E’s Arc Flash Warning Label requirements.OSHA Compliant Arc Flash Warning Label

This Poster completely breaks down an OSHA, NFPA, NEC, and ANSI Z535 compliant Arc Flash Warning Label. It also includes NEC’s recent additions and information about Arc Flash Analysis,  PPE and their relationship to the Arc Flash Warning Label. For example:

All hazardous equipment installed or modified after 2002 is required to carry a 4”x 6” ANSI Z535 compliant electrical warning label. NEC 110.16 specifically mentions “switchboards, panel boards, industrial control panels and motor control centers that … are likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized.”

Equipment must be marked in the field, rather than by the equipment manufacturer or installer. Arc flash hazard varies depending on actual operating conditions, including upcurrent protective devices and voltage. Labeling is the responsibility of the company operating the equipment…

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