Hubble Wiring Device Selector Chart

Hubble Wiring Device Selector Chart

Hubbell Wiring Device Selector Chart

This download is another handy poster for identifying receptacle configurations of Straight Blade Grounding Devices and Twist Lock Grounding Devices.

This chart includes:Hubble Wiring Device Selector Chart free download.

2 Pole / 3 Wire Straight Blade Grounding Device configurations:

  • 125 Volt
  • 250 Volt
  • 15A
  • 15A
  • 277 VAC
  • 347 Volt

3 Pole / 4 Wire Straight Blade Grounding Device configurations:

  • 125/250V
  • 3ø250V

2 Pole / 3 Wire Twist Lock Grounding Device configurations:

  • 125V
  • 250V
  • 277VAC
  • 480VAC
  • 600VAC

3 Pole / 4 Wire Twist Lock Grounding Device configurations:

  • 125/250V
  • 3ø250V
  • 3ø480V
  • 3ø600V

4 Pole / 5 Wire Twist Lock Grounding Device configurations:

  • 3øY120/208V
  • 3øY277/480V
  • 3øY347/600V

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