Arc Flash Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an Arc Flash Analysis ?

ITU is a leader in Electrical Engineering and Arc Flash Analysis Services. Visit our Arc Flash website to see more information about the required effort that will make your facility a safer place to work.

What is an Arc Flash Analysis?

An Arc Flash Analysis is a study investigating a worker’s potential exposure to dangerous arc- flash energy, conducted for the purpose of injury prevention and the determination of safe work practices, arc flash protection boundary, and the appropriate levels of PPE.

Why do I need to do an Arc Flash Analysis?

The National Fire Protection Association’s 70E publication (NFPA) 2000, Part II 2-1.3.3 regarding Arc Flash Analysis states that a “Flash Hazard Analysis shall be done before a person approaches any exposed electrical conductor or circuit part that has not been placed in an electrical safe work condition”. This Arc Flash Hazard Analysis must be done to determine the level of Personal Protection Equipment PPE that a worker must use, and the Arc Flash Boundary in inches along with the incident energy found at each location. Each panel must be marked with an ANSI z535 approved Arc Flash Warning Label.

Does OSHA require an Arc Flash Analysis?

OSHA requires employers to obtain, and supply all employees working on or around energized electrical equipment with the “Correct PPE”. OSHA states that employers are to use “Industry Consensus such as NFPA70E” to determine the level of PPE required prior to work being performed. NFPA70E or in other words “the National Fire Code” states that an Arc Flash Analysis “MUST BE DONE” to determine the level of PPE required. OSHA inspectors are instructed to use the NFPA70E as a guide to determine if an employer acted properly during an investigation. OSHA is levying fines against employers under the general duty clause for workers that do not provide the correct PPE.

What Electrical Panels need to be done ?

The National Electrical Code, NFPA 70E and OSHA list that all panel boards, switch panels, fuse panels, breaker panels, motor control centers, motor control panels be surveyed and labeled with the ANSI approved label. IN ADDITION… the list is concluded by stating “Any panel likely to be serviced by a worker” SO, that means any electrical enclosure such as disconnects and machinery attached to the “hard wired” electrical system in your facility.

What kind of standards must I follow?

This Arc Flash Analysis must be performed to determine the available arc fault currents and arc flash hazards. The most effective ways are based on the NFPA 70E or IEEE 1584 methods. Both of these methods are acceptable methods to use and are allowed by OSHA to comply with these arc flash regulations. OSHA recommends that the Arc Flash Analysis be done by an independent consulting firm to reduce any bias that may occur when done in-house.

Do I need a One Line Drawing and all that stuff?

OSHA requires that “If You Have” an One Line diagram of your electrical system, that it be kept up to date. Meaning that every change must be recorded in that drawing. HOWEVER, you are not required to have a one line diagram of your facilities electrical system. Given, This is a very useful tool to have when servicing your electrical system, and ITU can render that drawing for you. THIS IS IMPORTANT WHEN CHOOSING A CONSULTANT… Most engineering companies use a “Canned” software program that requires them to construct a one line drawing while conducting your Arc Flash Analysis. They want YOU to pay for that service! While we rely on Computers to do the Arc Flash Calculations, we do not require that you obtain this expensive One Line Diagram that other consultants do. This lowers the cost to you significantly!

Why can’t I just use default tables to get the information?

The regulations clearly state that an Arc Flash Analysis must be performed to determine these values. By performing a proper arc flash analysis by calculation, you insure that your workers are using the proper personal protection equipment ( PPE ) and other proper safety equipment is being used.

Why is this OSHA stuff so hard to understand?

Well the fact is… the OSHA stuff , while written in typical government jargon may seem a bit confusing. Most of the confusion comes from Engineering and Consultants wanting you to be confused, leading you to hire them to do the work. AND while we are one of those Engineering and consulting firms out there…

Here is ITU’s promise to you:

We won’t try to mislead you into paying for something that you don’t need in order to get into compliance with these OSHA regulations. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your electrical system, and do it in a way that it makes sense. We Guarantee it… That’s our promise!

What services are provided by ITU ?

ITU’s dedication to providing both engineering and education services is second to none. From assisting venues such as Indiana Workforce Development’s training initiative through Vincennes University, Indiana’s oldest college founded by the nations ninth President William Henry Harrison. ITU has has over 100 years of experience in the Industrial Technology fields. ITU has assisted groups such as the Trident Nuclear support of the U.S. Navy, many of the Fortune 500 companies, along with colleges, power plants, and service groups across the nation. In addition to our award winning electrical training and engineering services, our engineering staff has developed and designed equipment and or courses being used by many prominent training and seminar companies along with a host of large corporate in-house training departments.

We offer:

Short Circuit Analysis and Arc Fault Studies

Complete OSHA Arc Flash Analysis with Certification

Labeling of electrical panel as per OSHA and NFPA standards

ANSI approved Arc Flash Labels

Training for NFPA 70E Electrical Safety

OSHA 40 Hazmat and Safety Training

Arc Flash potential reduction consulting

Mock OSHA Inspections to find violation potentials

ITU performs an average of four Arc Flash Analysis a month for companies and facilities across the entire USA. Our fast turn-a-round, Our exclusive “One Trip” policy, and non intrusive procedure, means all of the work is done without any down time, lost production, or intrusion to your company or your workers. Reference are available upon request… Our best sales staff is our past customers.
Electrical Training Q & A’s

How do I schedule a class ?

We make it as simple as possible to set up a class at your place. If you have an area that the training can be conducted, we will provide the class material, the projector, the instructor, and basically everything but the chairs and tables for your crew to sit. To schedule a class, simply call us at 866-851-9993 and we’ll provide a hassle-free quote that includes all charges… no hidden fees. What the quote says is the final price that you pay. Once you approve it, we’ll set the next available date that works best for you. It’s really easy! Just give our friendly staff a call today.

Why doesn’t ITU offer other classes ?

ITU is a provider of award winning industrial maintenance training. We make sure we do what we do…Right! While some training companies claim to do many types of training. ITU does Industrial Maintenance Training… That’s what we do…and we do it right…for YOU!

Who are the instructors ?

ITU instructors are engineers and maintenance people who have had at least fifteen years of experience in the field that they are teaching, in addition to formal training. We hire only veteran maintenance people so you can rest assured that the instruction you get is accurate and up to date.

What credits or certifications apply to these classes?

All of our training programs and classes are audited and accredited by the American Association of Certified Engineers and Trainers ( AACET). Each class offers continuing education credits through AACET. In addition, select training programs are fully accredited through the North American College Accreditation Foundation and in conjunction with Vincennes University.

When is the next class?

While ITU conducts occasional public seminars in various major cities around the USA, the next class is whenever you want it. Our staff will arrange training “At-Your-Place” to provide you with the best learning experience. Call 866-851-9993 TODAY to speak with a member of our Project Coordination Team.