Arc Flash Analysis Information Guide

Arc Flash Analysis Information Guide

Arc Flash Analysis Information Guide

This Arc Flash Information Guide explains why an Arc Flash Analysis (Shock Hazard Analysis, Incident Energy Analysis, or Ground Fault Study) must be performed.

The federal government (OSHA) requires that all “Non-Dwelling” facilities have an Arc Flash Analysis done to determine:Here are the facts..
  • The Arc Flash Boundary
  • The Level of PPE Required
  • The presence of a Flash Hazard

This Arc Flash Information Guide pulls content from the NFPA 70E manual proving that it is required to have an arc flash analysis performed. It also includes information about:

  • Electrical Hazard Analysis
  • Shock Hazard Analysis
  • Arc ¬†Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Arc Flash Protection Boundaries
  • PPE Requirements
  • Available Short Circuit Current
  • Incident Energy Analysis

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